Spanish Program at Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Main Office: TAMU-SA Main Campus, One University Way, San Antonio, TX 78224. 
Our department office is in the Central Academic Building 348 and our phone is (210) 784-2225

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
The Spanish Program at Texas A&M University-San Antonio offers an undergraduate degree and minor area of study. Students in the major and minor take the same foundational courses including Introduction to Spanish Language Literature, Spanish grammar, and Spanish composition. Our faculty offer courses in Hispanic literature, film, and culture; while also providing language courses in Spanish from the introductory to advanced levels. Students who graduate from the Spanish program are prepared for graduate and professional schools, as well as careers in teaching, technical and professional writing, editing and publishing, information services and technology, government and non-profit agencies, among other fields.

Program Overview
Students who are planning to begin a Spanish major (or minor) should begin with the courses numbered SPAN:2000 - SPAN:2999. These courses will introduce students to work in the Spanish major and minor. Take these courses after completing the Basic Spanish Language sequence SPAN:1311SPAN 2312.

The great majority of Spanish major level courses are in the range SPAN:3000 - SPAN:3999 The general prerequisite for courses in this range is at least one course in Spanish in the range SPAN:2000 - SPAN:2999.  Of the required courses for the Spanish major, probably four to five of the courses will be at this level. 

The most advanced undergraduate courses are those numbered SPAN:4000 - SPAN:4998 and require a research paper. In general, literature courses at this level have as a prerequisite at least one previous Spanish literature course or may have more specific prerequisites.