Equity Empowerment Engagement Today Tomorrow Together
Welcome to the Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation website.  The Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation focuses on the preparation of highly effective teachers in the areas of Bilingual/ESL education, Special Education, Early Childhood, and Educational Leadership. The Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation is committed to engaging with the local community to promote educational equity and individual empowerment.  Each of our programs collaborates with the local community in a way that provides the community partner, our students, and faculty the opportunity to promote equity and empowerment as a result of this engagement . If you are looking for a unique program that has the power to change your life and the community, our Rooted in the Community approach can be the way to make that change happen. Join us today , so that tomorrow we can start transforming education together.
Use our departmental website to explore our degree and teacher certification pathways, our outstanding faculty with their research expertise, and how the department serves our students.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Melissa Jozwiak
Department Chair

Ana Hernandez
Administrative assistant

Senator Frank Madla Building Room 221 
One University Way 
San Antonio, Texas 78224
(210) 784-2507