University Resources Commission

The URC will focus on providing input on behalf of the campus community and offer advice to the President on the entirety of the university’s financial picture and budget process from all fund sources, this includes topics such as (1) enrollment projections, (2) revenue diversification and (3) institutional priorities.  The URC will build on the work that was previously done by the CAPB.

Commission appointees: 

      (1) Faculty senate representative – Dr. Carolyn L. Webb

      (2) Faculty-at-large representative – Dr. Elizabeth T. Murakami and Dr. Edward Westermann

      (1) Library representative – Stefanie Wittenbach

      (1) Student Government representative – SGA President

      (1) Student Affairs representative – Jo Anna Benavides-Franke

      (1) Academic Affairs representative – Dr. Holly Verhasselt

      (1) Business Affairs & Finance representative – Michael Sala

      (1) Staff Council representative – Eugene Ramirez

      (2) President’s selection – Dr. Dennis Elam and  Sherita Love

       Ex-officio chair: Darrell Morrison, VP for Business Affairs & CFO