Future Development

As the University continues to expand, Main Campus will develop to accommodate the needs of the increasing student population. For fall 2014,  the Central Academic Building and the Patriots' Casa will open in addition to the original building on Main Campus as shown below (water features projected). 


After enrollment reaches 5,000, a goal we are close to attaining, the next phase of development will begin. Two academic buildings will be added to Main Campus in this phase.

phase 2

As enrollment exceeds 10,000 students, construction will begin on the next stage of development. This phase will include a stand-alone library, student center, and residential facilities.

phase 3

The final stage of development will begin once enrollment surpasses 25,000 students. The number of academic buildings will increase to nine and the residential area in the northeast corner of campus will be completed. A separate dining hall and general use building will be added along with Fine Arts and Administration buildings. By this point in time, Main Campus will feature full athletic facilities, including a baseball diamond and football field, and there will be numerous parking lots and study and recreational areas.

phase 6