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The following are organizations and resources available to our students. These organizations and resources are not affiliated with A&M-SA.

American Gateways – San Antonio: This organization provides human rights refugees and immigrant survivors of persecution, torture, conflict and human trafficking with exceptional immigration legal services at no or low cost, education and advocacy. Contact: (210) 521-4768.

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc.: A nonprofit agency provides services to millions of people a year through activities such as refugee and immigration services, housing, health care, legal services, and disaster relief. Contact: (210) 222-1294 or click or email at or click Email through the website.

Caritas Legal Services: Caritas Legal Services provides legal aid to low-income and immigrant families as well as those who are victims of crime, domestic violence, and human trafficking. This organization also offers free site-based legal clinics called Ask-A-Lawyer to anyone seeking information about legal issues. Contact: (210) 433-3256 or click or email at or click Email through the website.  

TheDream.US: TheDream.US is the nation’s largest college access and success program for DREAMers. We believe that all that DREAMers need is an opportunity. And all we need to do is provide them with financial support to attend one of our Partner Colleges, committed to their college completion. A&M San Antonio is a participating college. TheDream.US provides National Scholarships for high school and community college graduates. Contact: (855) 670-4787 or email

You may also contact TheDream.US Scholar Advisors at A&M-SA:

Eric Rodriguez
Scholar Advisor - Continuing Scholars
Modular C, Room 155
(210) 784-1368
Hugo Cantero
Scholar Advisor - New Scholars
Modular C, Room 115
(210) 784-1483

: A partner with San Antonio Education, Cafecollege helps students enroll in college and earn a college degree and/or certificate. Cafecollege also introduced a new program, UPGRADE, which helps working adults return to school, finish their degree or certificate and unlock opportunity for the future of our region. Contact: (210) 207-4528 or click to Email through the website.

RAICES: A nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees in Central and South Texas. A&M-SA will occasionally host free workshops offered by RAICES for our undocumented students. Contact: (210) 222-0964 or specific DACA information and services contact: (844) 323-2669

Diplomás: This organization is a collective impact effort uniting 21 cross-sector partners to increase the college attainment and quality of life of San Antonio’s Latinx youth. For more information about Diplomás, you may email     (View Flyer)

Immigrationcases.OrgAn organization that provides helpful information based on the type of immigration case you have. Learn more about your immigration case by visiting their webpage Immigrationcases.Org.

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Other Nonprofit Organizations hands

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF): A leading Latino legal civil rights organization. MALDEF promotes social change through advocacy, communication, community education and litigation in the areas of education, employment, immigrants’ rights, and political access. Contact: (210) 224-5476 or click to Email through the website.

Equal Justice Center (EJC): The Equal Justice Center (EJC) is a non-profit law firm and employment justice organization that empowers low-income families, workers, and communities to achieve fair treatment in the workplace, in the justice system and in our shared society – regardless of immigration status. You can contact EJC to seek assistance with your DACA renewal by calling the toll-free hotline at (888) 670-6854 or email at