Advising Availability 

Office hours are Monday- Thursday 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  

Normal hours by appointment with walk-ins helped as possible 

Undergraduate Advisor Contact Information

Office Room: College of Arts & Sciences, Madla Room #336
Phone Number: (210) 784-1307

Office Room: College of Education & Kinesiology, Madla Room #336
Phone Number: (210) 784-1307

Office: College of Business, Brooks Campus Room #146
Phone Number: (210) 784-1307

Please Call for Advisor Availability.

College of Arts & Sciences

Undergraduate Advisors
Undergraduate Degree Plans
Graduate Advisor
Graduate Degree Plans
Debra Leal
(210) 784-2221
Dr. Katherine Gillen
Assistant Professor- MA English program
(210) 784-2223
Luisa Garcia
(210) 784-1416

College of Business

Undergraduate Advisors
Undergraduate Degree Plans
Graduate Advisor
Graduate Degree Plans
Nancy Larson
(210) 784-1417
Paula A. Garcia
(210) 784-2303
Gloria C. Ramos
Undergraduate Advisor
(210) 784-2304

Larry Ynman 
Undergraduate Advisor
(210) 784-2316

Linda Dietzmann
Undergraduate Advisor
(210) 784-2305

College of Education & Human Development

Undergraduate Advisors
Undergraduate Degree Plans
Graduate Advisor
Graduate Degree Plans
Rosa-Anna Wilkes
Undergraduate Advisor Education & Kinesiology
(210) 784-1347
Wendy Hernandez
Graduate Advisor Counseling & Kinesiology
(210) 784-1414
Gabe Rosas
Undergraduate Advisor Education & Kinesiology
(210) 784-1413
Dr. Alana Biediger-Collins
Counseling & Guidance Advisor/Adjunct Faculty
(210) 784-2522
Debbie Kanipe
Graduate Advisor Education & Leadership
(210) 784-1412

Appointment & Walk-in Etiquette:
Academic advisors are available to meet with students during office hours for appointment and walk-in or can also be reached via e-mail. You can set up an appointment or check advisor availability by calling the Advising Desk at (210) 784 -1307. Please be prepared to share the topic you wish to discuss during your appointment with the receptionist. 

Walk- ins (No appointment): 15 minutes with advisor

Available for quick meetings and are intended for brief guidance on matters such as withdrawing, dropping/adding, course approval forms, and other topics that can be handled. If your questions require more time than this, please make an appointment. Advisors see walk-in students on a first-come, first-serve basis. During the high peak times- the first week of the semester, registration periods, and orientation sessions- wait times can be considerable.

New student to Texas A&M University- San Antonio: Appointment is best: 1 Hour with advisor

If you are a new student to Texas A&M university- San Antonio it is best to schedule an hour long appointment with an advisor. Advisors like to have hour long appointments in order to go over degree plans and registration for the term.

30 minute appointments with advisor

Students who wish to discuss detailed or complex topics (such as registration planning, lifting advisor holds, declaring majors, etc.) should schedule an appointment.

Advisors are available to answer questions over email. Your e-mails to advisors are professional communications, so please include: First name, last name, and student K number. Advisor will return your message within two business days.

Academic advisors can assist you with the following: 

    • Understand and effectively communicate the curriculum, degree/school requirements, graduation requirements, and university policies and procedures.

    • Encourage and guide students as they define and develop realistic academic and career goals.

    • Provide a safe, respectful, and confidential space to ask questions, discuss your interests, and express your concerns.

    • Assist and support you in making course and major decisions. 

A successful student/student expectation: 

    • Will make an appointment with an advisor once admitted to review their curriculum requirements/ degree plan to help track progress towards graduation.

    • Will know and follow academic policies, procedures, and meet required deadlines. [Example: TPCC application, Field Residency I & II and Student Teaching].

    • Will research programs and opportunities in advance; and be open and willing to consider other major/degree plan options.

    • Take primary responsibility for making your own decisions. 

    • Will regularly read their TAMU-SA email.

Advice from your Advisors: 
Great tips to follow before an advising appointment/walk-in to ensure you have a productive meeting with your advisor: 

    • Note your appointment date.

    • Review degree plan.

    • Meet with an academic advisor each term.

    • Create your own advising folder to keep you organized with advising-related materials [Example: degree plan, schedule plans, notes from advising meetings] and keep it updated. 

    • Read your Jaguar email regularly, this is how the university will communicate with you

    • Review your grades and degree plan on JagWire at the end of each term

    • Come prepared with knowledge of classes to take including CRNs, questions to ask, and topics to discuss

Please understand that your advisor will not make decisions for you during your advising sessions. Your advisor will provide you with the most accurate information available and will work with you to create a realistic plan to aid you in accomplishing your educational and career goals. However, the education choices you make are yours and the responsibility for knowing and fulfilling degree requirements rest with you: 

    • Be courteous and plan ahead (schedule appointments early and cancel or reschedule as necessary)

    • Silence your cell phone prior to advising appointment/walk-in session.

    • Take notes during advising meetings and keep written records of your advising sessions.

The ultimate goal of academic advising is to help you get the most from your education.