Frequently Asked Questions 

∇ If my parents are divorced or separated, whose financial information should I use when completing the FAFSA?
∇ I am in a common law marriage; am I considered married when I file the FAFSA?
∇ My parents don’t claim me on their tax return and don’t provide any funds or resources to go to school. Can I file as an “Independent”?
∇ I have accepted my Federal Direct Loans on JagWire; why have they not disbursed?
∇ Does my financial aid transfer from one school to another?
∇ How will my financial aid be affected if I take classes at the Alamo Colleges (ACCD)?
∇ Is financial aid available for student-teaching?
∇If I graduate in fall and continue into graduate school in the spring, what do I need to do to continue my financial aid?
∇ I am eligible to participate in the Hazlewood Exemption Act, what impact will that have if I apply for financial aid or am receiving financial aid?