Work Study Positions

Work Study positions are available through a particular financial aid option, so students who apply and then qualify through this program are able to work on-campus (or with an off-campus partner) and are paid through the Work Study program. There are Federal and State level Work Study positions. For more information about how to apply for this financial aid package, please visit our Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

If you have been awarded Work Study funding through Financial Aid, you can start applying to these Work Study position through our online job portal, Handshake.  These are jobs, just like any other employment, and they will require that you post an application and/or resume. Most of them also require an interview. The Career Advisors and other staff at the Mays Center for Experiential Learning and Community Engagement are dedicated in helping you prepare for your job search process and welcome you to create an appointment in Handshake or take advantage of our Drop-in Hours.

Please note: You can access Handshake once you have registered with the university.

Finding these positions on Handshake is a fairly easy process! Once you are in the system, you can click on “Jobs” in the header. Then clicking on “Filters” button with the funnel icon to open a few options below. Click the “Work Study” option. Click on “See Jobs” to launch your search. You will see a listing of all of these current, qualified positions.  

Some additional tips:

  • Work Study and on-campus jobs are highly competitive. It is encouraged you apply to as many open positions as you can to increase your chances of landing this type of opportunity.
  • Do not forget to follow-up with the department! A quick phone call or stop-in can make a difference. Confirm they received all required documents for your application and ask what their timeframe is for hiring. Following up can reiterate your interest in the position.