Pathway to Doctorate Symposium

Are you planning to go to Graduate School?  Is your goal to earn a Doctorate?  Have you completed, or are you in the process of completing, a research project?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you are encouraged to take part in the Pathways Symposium, a Texas A&M System Universities event.

Doing original research is a primary requirement of doctoral study. Pre-doctoral research experience generally gives students a significant advantage (over students who don’t have such experience) when applying for admission to doctoral programs.

Projects are judged by faculty and prizes are awarded. Faculty from other Texas A&M System Universities are available to discuss their master programs and doctoral programs. The symposium provides a unique networking opportunity for students.  

To register for the symposium students must submit, and have accepted, a research project for presentation. The research project may have been previously presented at a symposium or conference.  Students must have a faculty research sponsor and follow all applicable Institutional Review Board (IRB) policies. The Symposium is open to both graduate and undergraduate students from all disciplines.  

If you have additional questions regarding the Pathways Symposium, a Texas A&M System Universities event., feel free to contact Dr. Josephine Sosa-Fey
Director of Graduate Studies & Research
Texas A&M University-San Antonio
(210) 784 2323

Don’t miss the opportunity to present your research at the next Texas A&M System Universities Pathways Student Research Symposium:

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