Financial Wellness

Jaguar Strong-Get Fit wellness program engages Texas A&M University-San Antonio employees to be proactive and healthy. This official employee wellness program integrates Nutrition & Health, Fitness, Financial Wellness, and Lifestyle.

Upcoming Financial Events
Check back every month to view any upcoming financial events! 

Employee Tuition Assistance Program
Texas A&M University-San Antonio encourages employees who wish to pursue their education by offering Designated Tuition and Fee Assistance Waiver. Any full-time budgeted employee who has been employed full time at least 3 months with A&M-San Antonio as of Census date may request permission to register as a student at Texas A&M University-San Antonio and attend classes held during the employee’s normal work day (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.). The course load during working hours must not exceed six credit hours in any semester. Part-time employees may enroll in courses but are not eligible for the Designated Tuition and Fee Assistance Wavier.

Employees must account for class hours for courses taken during normal working hours in one of two ways outlined below:

  1. The employee may make up the class hours. Work hours must be completed during the same week class was taken.
  2. The employee may use compensatory time or vacation time to make up class hours

Designated Tuition and Fee Assistance Wavier
Employee Registering as Student Procedure

For more information about Employee Designation and Tuition and Fee Assistance Waiver, please contact the Texas A&M University-San Antonio Student Business Services Office in Madla, Room 135.

Financial Resources
Financial Advice:  A&M System retirement programs include a comprehensive list of approved vendors, visit here. 

AIG Financial Resources :

Plan for 100 – Watch Video 

Lincoln Financial Resources :

Demystifying Social Security - Watch Seminar DC-SS-PPT003
Managing Debt - Watch VideoDC-DEBT-PPT001
Saving With Roth Contributions: Traditional vs. Roth - Watch Seminar DC-Roth-PPT001
Retire Right - Watch Seminar DC-Budg-PPT001

TIAA Resources :

Financial Terms to Know
Reduce Financial Stress:
What could life look like without student loan debt? 

TRS Financial Awareness-Video Series :

The Financial Awareness video series is provided by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) for educational and informational purposes only. It is neither intended as tax or investment advice nor does it consTRtitute a recommendation to buy or sell any security. To see the video series, click here.