Student Information

Change of Name

Legal documentation must be present to change or alter the student's name as it appears on the original application for admission. Changes will not be made without proper documentation. Name changes for degree candidates must be completed by the graduation application deadline.

Any changes made must be accompanied by a photo ID showing the student's new legal name, such as a valid driver's license or military ID, AND a legally certified document such as a marriage license or certificate, passport, court order, divorce decree, birth certificate or naturalization papers. A social security card and a pending petition will not be accepted as official documentation for a change of name.

Please submit all documents with the Change of Name/Social Security Number Form.

Change of Social Security Number

Please submit a copy of the new social security card and a valid photo ID along with the Change of Name/Social Security Form.

Address/Telephone/Email Changes

Students are responsible for notifying the University of any address changes. Official notification of change of address is necessary for accurate mailing of important correspondence from the University.

To make changes to address, telephone number and/or email address:

• Submit a copy of the Change of Address Request Form along with a valid photo ID.


• Make changes in JagWire.