Safe Zone

The Safe Zone poster signifies this space is an accepting place for all Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities, This includes any person who identifies as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, transgender, Gender non-conforming or relationship non-conforming. The person who occupies this space is compassionate, understanding and committed to helping create an open and accepting learning environment for all people on the Texas A&M University-San Antonio Campus and in our community.

Current Safe Zones on Campus Safe Zone Task Force Members

Jack Ayers

Lorrie Webb

Francis Galan

Melissa Jozwiak

Kate Bridgeman

Cheryl Kelsey

Melissa Mahan

Jo Anna Benavides-Franke

Kate Gillen

Sherry L. Patrick

Liz Chavez

Edric Filpo

For more information on SafeZones you can contact us at