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The Office of Student Activities oversees student clubs, organizations, and interests groups. We are your one stop shop in assuring your success as you and your members prosper in being the best you can be as a Jaguar. We offer workshops, trainings, and house all your guidelines to help with any questions. 

Student Organization Spring 2015 Rush RSVP form

Currently we have three categories of organizations to better identify needs and resources for each of our organizations.

Special Interests groups        Recognized Groups         University Sponsored

  • Special Interest groups: Are groups who meet regularly or often and only speak over topics of interests. They cannot fundraise, nor receive university funding, and no G.P.A. is required.
    • (Ex. Origami Club only meets to create origami and origami related items.) 
  • Recognized Groups: Are groups that are regulated by individualized constitutions, university policies, must have a minimum of 10 members, have right to fundraise, and each student must meet a minimum 2.5 G.P.A.
    • (Ex. Chess Club of Texas A&M University-San Antonio, meets regularly, host bake sales, travel to conferences, and ably to all university polices) 
  • University Sponsored Organizations: These specific student organizations are created by a University department or division to support ongoing interest of the University community. 
    • (Ex. Jaguar Ambassadors, Campus Activities Board, and Student Government Association.) 

Ready to Explore?

On your right hand side of your screen you will find our organizations and associations listed under their category of recognition (Special interest, Recognized, and University Sponsored). 

If you see one that you are interested in you can simply click the link below and fill out our Rush Sign-In sheet and we will handle the rest.

Also note, you may click on most organizations name to learn more!