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Recognized Groups: Are groups that are regulated by individualized constitutions and university policies.  The recommended number of members is10.  have right to fundraise, and each student must meet a minimum 2.0 G.P.A. There is a minimum GPA and class hour enrollment requirement and a full– time Faculty or Staff member must be an advisor for the duration of the entire academic year.  Students groups in this category can receive university funding, use campus space, use the University name, and host events on and off campus and have the option to fundraise.

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AMA Logo American Marketing Association (AMA)
BESO crest Bilingual Education Student Organization (BES0)
Biology Club crest Biology Club
CEC Crest Counsel for Exceptional Children (CEC)
Counseling Club Crest Counseling Club
Cyber Ath Cyber Security Athanaeum (CSA)
Guild of Geeks Guild of Geeks
History Club Logo History Club
KDP crest Kappa Delta PI-Alpha Delta Omega Chapter (KDP)
Kinesiology Club Kinesiology Club
Pre-Law Society Pre-Law Society
Psychology Club Psychology Club
SDL crest Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Inc.-Epsilon Chapter
SCLD Student Council for Learning Disabilities (SCLD)
SVA Student Veterans of American (SVA)
Toastmasters Toastmasters
Lit club crest Literature Club
math club Math Club
Omega Delta Phi crest

Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.-Beta Theta Chapter

SPJ Society of Professional Journalism (SPJ)