Cascade Assistance

Cascade Server is the content management system for the University website! To begin using the content management system, go to

If you need assistance with Cascade, please contact Brandon Oliver at or call (210) 784-1102.



Getting started (obtaining the NetID, adjust your email to receive notifications)

The Cascade content management system workflow is broken down into three roles:

Web Content Creator (WCC) – In short, the WCCs are responsible for creating and editing pages and content within their departments, as well as uploading documents to the web server. The WCCs are the primary source of web development within their departments.

Web Content Approver (WCA) – The WCAs are the “second set of eyes” and function as a proofreader for pages/content/documents. The WCAs can request WCCs to make updates to their department pages as well.

Publisher – The publishers are the final step in the workflow. The publishers will give the pages a final glance before putting them “live” on the web server and accessible to the public.


The NetID is the authentication mechanism you will use to sign into the Cascade Server to create and/or approve your pages. Obtaining a NetID is very simple, and should be completed within a couple of minutes.

  • To begin, go to
  • Log in with your Universal Identification Number (UIN) and birth date.
  • Choose a NetID.
  • Select a password.
  • Be sure to enter your email address as required in the box provided.

When you are finished, and this is the final step, please email your NetID. You do NOT need to submit your password.

Adjusting your email to receive notifications

This step enables the creator/approver to receive all of the email notifications.

  • You will only need to do this step one time (unless you change your email address).
  • Go to and “Log In” with your NetID.
  • Go to "Forwarding Setting for Your Published Email Address." If your email is already being forwarded, it’ll state that information as shown in the image to the left.
  • If the email is not being forwarded, click “EDIT.”
  • Under "Forwarding Settings for Your Published Email Address," click the radial button next to “Forwarded to” and enter the forwarding email address in the text field.
  • Click “Save.”

Helpful tips

  • It is helpful to indicate on your page(s) the last time the page(s) was edited. You can put this information at the top or bottom of the page. Examples include “posted on Month Day, Year” or “last edited on Month Day, Year.”
  • For Web Content Creators, prior to clicking the “Submit” button to initiate a workflow, you can click on the drop-down for “Advanced Options” and check for spelling, accessibility, or broken links. Once you click “Submit,” these functions will initiate.
  • It is necessary to check your web pages for accessibility issues against Section 508 or W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. For a list of accessibility checkers and tools, visit
  • It is required that we enter metadata for every page. Metadata includes the page title, description, and keywords. To alter page metadata, click on the “Edit” tab on the page you are working on. Then click on the “Metadata” tab. From there, you can enter in your information and click “Save/Update Draft” or “Submit” if you are ready to send the page through a workflow to be published to the web.
  • If you need more assistance, you can always click on the question mark and “Learn More.” The “Learn More” feature automatically defaults to what is currently on the dashboard.


  • If you are having problems logging in, please email Brandon Oliver at Make sure that you have a NetID already registered.
  • If you are not receiving email notifications, go to Sign in with your NetID, then click on “EDIT” next to “Forwarding Settings for Your Published Email Address.” Then under “Forwarding Settings for Your Published Email Address” click the radial “Forwarded to” and enter your TAMU-SA email address. Then click “Save.”
  • If you are having problems with the workflow, click on the page in question. Then next to “Workflow,” click on the link. Under “Ordered Step Name,” the green checkmark indicates where the workflow is currently positioned. The “Assignment” will display who has clicked “Assign to Me.” If no one has, then the “Assignment” will just list the group. Remember that each step of the workflow must have an assignment to an individual, not to the group.
  • If you need to make an addition, deletion or modification to the web roles (a new Creator, a change in Approver, etc), please email the person’s name, NetID and directory (admissions, universitycommunications, etc) to
  • If you wish to delete a page from Cascade, the website or both, please email the name of the page(s) to This is also the case for documents and images as well.
  • Remember that images should have a resolution of 72 DPI.
  • If you wish to create a directory under the main site, please email
  • If you need assistance with a third-party application, or with HTML coding, please email
  • Screen captures are the best way to discover your issues. To do a screen capture, make sure the problem is on your screen (everything else is minimized, and press “PrtScn” on your keyboard. Then open an email and then click “Paste” in the body of the email.